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What do I do?

I'm a freelance creative sort of school library creator illustrator education consultant...type thing

Learning to let go and follow the tide in my career

"I need an Alix"

I felt like an X-Man being asked to assemble (potentially not factually accurate - I've never seen any of these films). I love a challenge and I knew I'd be up for whatever my old boss was about to suggest. She was on the Governing Body of a local primary school and they were looking to create a new school library. I'd spent 6 years working with her and my job had consisted of many, many different responsibilities by the time we parted ways. It was one of her greatest skills as a leader - allowing people create and explore what they were good at and letting it happen.

Over the next few months, I worked with the literacy team at the school to create the library of their dreams - including a huge life size tree in the centre of the room. When I finished, another literacy coordinator visited and they passed my details on, so I had another library to design. And then it happened again. And now I guess I design school spaces.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I've never been able to answer that question in my professional review meetings. In some ways, it's my biggest strength. I don't have - and have never had - a firm plan, and that allows me the freedom to have fun and see what comes of things. I learned how to edit films and work a theatre lighting and sound board. I was thrown in the deep end and took on teaching 300 students a week without any training. And now I work for myself doing something I love. So maybe it doesn't matter where I see myself in five years. I like a good surprise anyway.

Making the most of it

This year, I am focusing on pushing the education side of my business. I'm planning on reaching out to schools and trusts, hoping to continue down this path. If you're in the education sector or know someone who is, give me a shout!

What do I do?

I enjoy myself.

Where do I see myself in five years?

Enjoying myself.

How about you?

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