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Harley the Wonder Dog

Updated: Apr 28

Harley is as much a part of this business as me. She's here as I type, curled up under my desk. She lies against me when I'm crawling around on the floor writing on mirrors. She accompanies me to (dog friendly) pubs when I'm updating chalkboards. I haven't managed to get her into a school yet, but there's still time.

In truth, Harley is perhaps the most important aspect of my business. I walk her everyday, either in the woods, or up on the hills, and it's here that I have hours and hours of time to reflect on what I'm doing and think up new ideas. There is no better feeling to me than walking through trees, surrounded by nature and knowing that this is part of my working week. I'm so lucky.

*Disclaimer - Harley is not all stress relief. She chases pheasants, makes lots of weird and wonderful noises, and likes to try and climb on my knee when I'm working. But I kind of like her so think I'll keep her ;)

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