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Ex educator, current creative. I'm good with my hands and great with my brain. I spent 12 years working with teenagers so I can handle whatever you throw at me!


I draw things and write words.


I want you to surround yourself with beautiful things that mean something to you. Mementoes that are as unique as the memory they evoke. My work is mostly custom made but please feel free to browse my portfolio and see if past pieces inspire you! I'm never to busy to chat, so send me a message - no pressure - and let's see if I can add a little something to your home or provide you with a thoughtful gift to give. 

I'm based in the East Midlands and I mostly work alongside Harley the dog. She isn't that helpful, but she does make people smile. We can be found out in the forest most days, trying to wear Harley out before I settle down with a cup of tea and get stuck into doing what I love.

Got an idea? Even a little one?

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